Bourdon at OTC

The OG pressure gauge showed up again at the Offshore Technology Conference this year!

We understand that offshore oil extraction is one of the most dangerous endeavors on the planet. To ensure the job is done safely, crews need the right kind of technology that can withstand these extreme conditions. When they turn to you for the most trusted products, call on Bourdon process instrumentation to keep them safe.

Bourdon: The Original Pressure Gauge

In 1849, the French engineer Eugène Bourdon patented the pressure-measuring device known as the Bourdon tube.

Today, Engineered Specialty Products continues manufacturing the famous Bourdon products, adding on modern production and quality methods which provide significant benefits – especially for the Oil & Gas industry. The Bourdon tube is used in almost all pressure gauges however, ESP is the only manufacturer in the US allowed to build pressure gauges under the historic name of Bourdon.

With our expertise, precision, and passion for excellence, we’re able to deliver reliable, accurate, and safe products for even the most demanding environments. Check out our catalog to see how we can help you manage pressure with Bourdon’s dependable and precise solutions.

Looking for a partner? Give us a call at 770-429-0599 to see how we can help drive orders straight to your business.

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