ESP’s Operational Capacity and Response to COVID‐19

Dear Valued ESP Customer,

We wanted to open by thanking you for helping to make ESP your trusted provider of all things pressure and temperature for the past 37 years. During that time, we helped each other grow through the good times and the bad. As a country, we have seen a lot of financial hardships during those years, though these times were challenging, we managed to come out okay because we supported each other. We looked out for each other and made sure that we did everything that we could to help our Customers succeed.

COVID‐19 is a global pandemic and we are taking it very seriously. Two weeks ago, we took proactive steps to protect our employees and the community as well as our operational capacity as a business. ESP has invested significantly in technology over the past few years. All Departments, with the exception of Shipping, were set up to work remote from their homes. All of our systems and phones are fully functional. Our Shipping Team are adhering to the recommended “social distancing” safe proximity of six feet apart and are not congregating together at any time. In addition to our normal janitorial service that cleans every morning before the first shift, we have hired a secondary service to do nightly deep cleanings of our facility using the COVID‐19 industrial cleaning and sanitizing recommendations. We are monitoring employees’ temperatures electronically to try to catch early signs of the illness. We operate every day, under the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C.) and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). Our goal is to create a safe working environment, stop the spread of COVID‐19, while not disrupting the critical infrastructure necessary to get us all through this pandemic.

ESP is considered an “Essential Business” because we are a critical Supplier of companies in the following industries: Healthcare / Public Health, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and First Responders, Food and Agricultural, Petroleum, Water/Wastewater and Transportation. If you are an “Essential Business” Customer of ours, know that we are making every effort to ensure that the flow of product to you is not disrupted in any way.

We realize that some of you do not have the luxury of being fully functional if and when you decide to stay at home. We also realize that some of you are in “Shelter‐in‐Place” areas of the country where you have been ordered to stay home if you are not working in an “Essential Business”. Let us help you by making sure that your business is disrupted as little as possible. If you are not in an area where you have been ordered to “Shelter-in-Place”, we can ship you a stock order so that you can continue to service your Customers with no long lead times because you will have the inventory on your shelf ready to go. If you are in a “Shelter‐in‐Place” area and can’t ship to your customers, call us and we can talk about how we might help.

As long as Carriers are still shipping, we will be too. Be safe and leave the rest to us.

We are here to help,

ESP logo

Brien Whitford

President & CEO

Critical Components for Safety of our First Responders

Here at ESP, we take pride in providing critical components that ensure the safety of our first responders who rely on our equipment to get the job done. One of our customers released a new product line of foggers that are used to decontaminate vehicles and rooms that have been exposed to persons with COVID-19. They donated a unit to their local police force in Bluffton, South Carolina who posted a video to Facebook and features our 204L gauges on the front of the unit. In these most uncertain times, you can count on ESP’s pillars of speed, availability and service to ensure that your job, no matter how big or small, gets done right the first time – every time.