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Pressure Instruments for the Transportation Field

The transportation field encompasses a range of specific industries and applications. By their very nature, the aerospace, marine, and railway industries operate according to rigorous specifications. Like a finely made watch, transportation operations are defined by complex moving parts, unerring precision, and a high standard of accuracy.

The unique demands posed by applications in these industries have resulted in specialized pressure instrumentation requirements. Transportation pressure instruments are subject to vibration, pulsation, and other extreme conditions. It is essential to use the right instruments to protect your investment and ensure your measurements are accurate.

When every reading matters, choose products from a reputable company that is committed to quality. ESP is proud to offer a suite of products for your transportation needs. We carry instruments that are perfect for a wide variety of challenging applications.

The ESP Difference

The pressure instruments we offer for the transportation field are outstanding in terms of accuracy and reliability. We’re confident in the fact that our instruments provide accurate, real-time results. No matter what your particular application happens to be, our gauges and transmitters are proven and dependable.

When you use our products, you will enjoy complete peace of mind. Knowing that your pressure instruments will stand up under heavy pulsation and vibration, in addition to resisting the elements, is invaluable in the transportation field.

Our products are available with a range of options and configurations so that you can select the perfect setup for your operation. With exceptional service and a wealth of technical expertise backing our quality products, we are simply an excellent choice for all of your pressure instrumentation needs.

Make a Lasting Investment in Your Pressure Instruments

When purchasing pressure instruments, you want to be sure that they will hold up over time. All of our products are of the utmost quality and made with superior materials. Regardless of the specific transportation industry your company operates in, you can rest assured that our instruments will last for many years to come, saving you money and helping you avoid the hassle of frequent replacements.

Our Pressure Instrument Product Selection

ESP is proud to offer an extensive product suite featuring instruments that are perfect for a variety of transportation applications. Whether you are looking for digital gauges, stainless steel gauges, or pressure transmitters, we have you covered. View our selection today and keep in mind that many options, such as liquid filling, are available for specific products.

Digital Pressure Gauges (DPG Series)

With superb accuracy matched only by their durability, the PIC DPG series of digital gauges are perfect for high-vibration applications. These gauges do not have mechanical links or connections, which means you don’t have to worry about connections breaking when the instrument vibrates. The easy-to-read local display means you can get a quick pressure reading when you need it.

Pressure Transmitters

The Bourdon pressure transmitters offer even greater accuracy and robustness than digital gauges. Once you’ve mounted your transmitter to the medium, you can wire it to any remote location. This option is perfect for applications where getting an up-close display reading is not feasible.

Bourdon Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges (300 Series)

Exposure to the outdoors is common for pressure instruments used in the transportation field.

Our stainless steel 300 series gauges stand up to the elements, ensuring that they will provide you with accurate readings regardless of outdoor conditions. You may also wish to consider liquid filling to help reduce instrument vibration.

Find the Pressure Instrument That’s Right for Your Application

The team at ESP is knowledgeable, helpful, and service-oriented. If you’re unsure of which product should be used for your specific application, contact our team. We will gladly help you choose a product that matches your needs.