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Advancements in modern technology are moving at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult to keep track of them. This is evident in everything from mobile phones and computers to automotive tech and network capabilities. But for as much as things change, many processes and instruments remain the same.

Consider the thermometer. No matter the improvements and refinements that have been made over the years, thermometers still perform their basic function in much the same way they did a century ago. After all, beyond making them more reliable, durable, and consistent, is there really a way to improve upon the thermometer?

The answer to that question depends on your perspective. Are you content with keeping track of HVAC system temperatures in person at a physical location, using local devices? If so, you likely won’t have much interest in the latest and greatest advancement in thermometer technology. But if your needs are more robust, you should prepare to be impressed.

The Cloud Difference for Wireless Thermometers

The term ‘cloud’ has been thrown around so much in technology circles that it is easy to lose sight of what makes cloud technology so revolutionary and useful across a range of industries. It would be easy to list examples from countless fields, but to really bring the benefits home, let’s consider a single system and application.

When measuring HVAC temperature readings, several factors matter most of all: accuracy, reliability, and accessibility. You need your temperature readings to be accurate to the actual temperature, you need your readings to be reliable, and you need to be able to access readings with ease.

The Cirrus Wireless Thermometer System fulfills all of these requirements. Let’s start with accessibility, which is where the cloud comes in. The system works by sending temperature readings to wireless gateways, which in turn relay that information to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

While this sounds simple enough on paper, the functionality and ease of use it enables are remarkable. You’ll be able to connect as many as 60 thermometers to a single gateway and view all of your readings simultaneously, from anywhere in the world, using our mobile phone app downloaded from the Google Play Store. If your mind is lighting up at the possibilities this technology enables across a range of industries, then you understand why the cloud makes such a big impact here.

Back to Earth

As amazing as this cloud technology is, it wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t account for the other two essential factors: reliability and accuracy. Fortunately, the Cirrus Wireless Thermometer System includes high-impact, fire-resistant thermometers boasting superb accuracy.

When you use the Cirrus thermometer system, you can take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer without sacrificing quality in any other area. You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind knowing you are receiving accurate readings from your HVAC systems, all with the incredible convenience of the cloud at your fingertips.

Imagine the Possibilities

The Cirrus Wireless Thermometer System offers technological possibilities that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Schools, hospitals, property management companies, and small, older facilities can all benefit from this straightforward, dependable, and user-friendly system.

Only you know the exact use you will get out of the Cirrus system. It is affordable and reliable but, most importantly, it enables you to monitor a large number of HVAC systems from anywhere on the planet. On that front, the process improvements and quality-of-life enhancements you can make at your company as a result of this technology are limited only by your imagination.

While thermometers may not have changed much over the years, the way technology expands their functionality and supports the teams that use them has. By using the Cirrus Wireless Thermometer System, you’ll be putting your organization ahead of the curve for years to come. The Cirrus system may not totally reinvent the thermometer, but it will forever change the way you use it for the better.

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