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The Advantages and Applications of Forged Brass Gauges

Forged brass gauges are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. They are designed for use in scenarios where pulsation and vibration are unavoidable. There are numerous situations where using brass pressure instruments make sense. Examples include applications involving firefighting equipment, oil field pumpjacks, mobile hydraulics, and much more.

To understand whether a forged brass gauge is the right option for your application, it’s important to consider the rigors your instrument will be subjected to every day. Certain equipment types, such as compressors and hydraulic pump systems, often produce considerable vibration and pulsation. This can severely impact a non-forged brass gauge’s operation. Evaluate your requirements and choose forged brass for hydraulic pumps, earth-moving equipment, firetrucks, and similarly rugged applications.

Reliability for Your Peace of Mind

Regardless of the field you operate in, you want to be sure that the pressure instruments you use are right for the application environment. When you’re confident in the functionality of your gauges, it frees you up to turn your attention to other concerns.

To ensure that you have the right gauge for your application, it’s often a good idea to work with a trusted partner. Bourdon is an excellent choice, offering the superior MAG series of forged brass pressure instruments. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have regarding brass gauges.

The Right Choice for Firefighting Equipment

Ensuring the proper function of pressure gauges is important in any field, but it is particularly vital when it comes to firefighting. When every second counts and lives are on the line, it’s essential to make sure that the gauges on your firetrucks and firefighting equipment function correctly at all times, regardless of the vibration and pulsation they’re subjected to in the field.

Forged brass pressure gauges stand up to the rigors of this continuously demanding application. Using the right gauges for all firefighting equipment helps fire departments feel assured of the dependability of the equipment they use every day. With complete confidence in their instruments, firefighters can focus on providing safe emergency services to those in need.

Meeting the Demands of the Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, precision and safety are everything. The importance of ensuring the accuracy of pressure instruments in this field cannot be overstated. The nature of the industry means that gauges are often subjected to rigorous usage in severe conditions. The equipment used in oil and gas work inevitably pulsates and vibrates. That’s why forged brass is a great choice for many applications in this industry.

For example, oil tank batteries and oil field pumpjacks require the use of brass pressure gauges for daily use. Monitoring their status is critical, which is why it’s so important to pick the right gauge type. Choose forged brass and maintain total surety in the continued accuracy and smooth operation of your oil and gas pressure instruments.

Monitor Your Hydraulic Systems with Confidence Hydraulic pump systems and mobile hydraulics are two excellent examples of applications where the use of a forged brass gauge is appropriate. It is essential to monitor the pressure of any hydraulic system. Hydraulic pump systems involve continual pulsation, which is why the use of a forged brass gauge is the correct choice.

Similarly, mobile hydraulic systems subject pressure instruments to ongoing vibration. Make sure that your instruments continue to provide accurate readings with the use of forged brass gauges. If you have additional questions regarding hydraulic applications and the function of brass gauges, don’t hesitate to contact Bourdon for further details.

Withstanding Constant Compressor Vibration Normal vibration in a compressor is to be expected. With that fact comes certain demands of the instruments used to monitor compressor systems. Meet the requirements of this common application by using forged brass gauges that will withstand the continual vibration inherent to compressor operation.

Finding the Right Option for Your Needs Understanding which applications require the use of a brass gauge is half the battle. Next, you must decide where to purchase your gauges and what options and features are most important to you. A trusted manufacturer such as Bourdon will offer a suite of product options to meet your specific process requirements.

For example, you may wish to add a front flange, a safety glass window, or a U-clamp. Depending on the particulars of your process, you might want to use a silicone or halocarbon oil case fill. Likewise, custom-designed dials and special connection types may be appropriate in certain circumstances. Customization is always based on your specific needs, so don’t hesitate to inquire as to the availability of custom gauge options.

Safety Above All

No matter the industry or application, safety is the foremost consideration when it comes to pressure gauge usage. The operational necessities of industries such as oil and gas, as well as the extraordinary requirements of firefighting equipment, bear this out. Above all else, forged brass pressure gauges help ensure the safety of individuals working in a broad range of fields.

Knowing that your pressure instruments will stand up to pulsation and vibration will set your mind at ease. You’ll be certain that your pressure gauges will continue to function correctly for the duration of their use, in conditions where normal gauges would not. Choose forged brass gauges and rest assured that they will meet the demands of your application environment.