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The sensing elements of pressure gauges and switches are vulnerable to corrosive, sedimentous, and viscous fluids, as well as fluids with high temperatures. The purpose of diaphragm seals is to isolate the sensing element of pressure switches and gauges from these fluids. There are many reasons why using a seal for this purpose is essential across various industries.

Protect Your Instruments for Years to Come

Pressure instruments are delicate. Extreme temperatures can easily damage their sensors, rendering them useless. They are subject to clogging, as process media builds up within the instrument’s internals. Over time, this can lead to fluid solidification. Without the use of a diaphragm seal, excessive cycling damage may occur.

There’s also the matter of material compatibility. Some sensors may not be compatible with the process media being used. This can result in both damage and media contamination. It is critical to prevent either from occurring, to keep your instruments in an optimal condition at all times. The best way to do so is with the use of a quality diaphragm seal, purchased from a company you can trust to provide you with quality products.

Customize a Solution That Matches Your Needs

Diaphragm seals may be used in a large number of applications, across many industries. Their process connections can be adapted to your industry standard, including flanged, sanitary, flow-through, and male and female threaded options. This allows for a great deal of adaptability and a spectrum of functionality options when selecting diaphragm seals.

The needs of an oil and gas company are different than those of one operating in the food and beverage field. The variety of process connections and seal types available allows for compatibility with your company’s requirements, no matter your industry. The best option is always the one that fulfills your needs precisely. ESP is here to help you find it, with detailed product information and in-depth technical expertise. You’ll receive the information you need the first time you ask for it, because your time matters to us.

Maintain Safety at All Times

Diaphragm seals enhance the safety profile of your facility in different ways based on the type you use. Sanitary or hygienic processes require the use of certain seals to prevent contamination and media buildup. Diaphragm seal remote mounting allows for safety away from extreme temperatures and makes viewing instrument readings easier. Using the right seals will save you time and ensure compliance with safety standards, such as those set by the FDA.

Learn more about the purpose of diaphragm seals today. Many options are available, including diaphragm seal remote mounting.